In Court, Eugenie Bouchard Describes Locker Room Fall at the U.S. Open

Eugenie Bouchard on Wednesday gave her first public account of the night she fell and hit her head at the 2015 United States Open as her trial against the United States Tennis Association continued in federal court in Brooklyn.

On that night, Bouchard, a player from Canada, said she told a trainer, Kristy Stahr, that she would return to take an ice bath after completing other postmatch activities, which included cooling down with stretching and fulfilling news media obligations.

When she came back, the trainers had left. She said she changed into a bathing-ready outfit, walked toward the baths, which are through the trainers’ room, and took two steps into the trainers’ room before slipping, falling and hitting her head on the tile floor.

“I was laying there shocked, staring at the ceiling,” she said.

Her first reaction was to a burning sensation caused by a cleaning solution used on the floor, she said. She told a locker room attendant, Karen Owens, that she had slipped and fallen. Owens expressed surprise that Bouchard had entered the room.

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