Special Brain Scans May Predict Autism

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Correspondent WEDNESDAY, June 7, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Analysts say a extraordinary sort of MRI may sometime in the not so distant future offer assistance specialists anticipate which high-risk babies might develop autism in their toddler a long time. Known as functional network MRI (fcMRI), the check gives a peek at […]

U.S. Health Officials Agree on Mammograms

Feb. 22, 2002 — Ladies, start getting mammograms at age 40 — that’s the word from government health officials. After all the discussion, both the NCI and the U.S. Preventive Administrations Assignment Drive are trusting to settle the debate with an advisory issued yesterday. After looking into all studies of mammography — including a later […]

House Panel Drills Federal Enforcers on Internet Drug Prescription

May 25, 2000 (Washington) — Individuals of a House panel barbecued government officials about how they proposed to halt illegal prescribing exercises over the Web. Amid Thursday’s hearing of the House Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Examinations, officials on both sides of the path expressed their disappointment around the moderate pace of [law] authorization. « Whereas […]

Colon Cancer Survival Has Family Link

June 3, 2008 — Advanced colon cancer patients with a family history of the malady are more likely to be cured with treatment than patients with no family interface, unused investigate proposes. Compared to patients with no family history, those with relatives who’ve had colorectal cancer were less likely to kick the bucket or have […]

Enjoying Movies Is Contagious

Dec. 7, 2007 — Seeing a movie this end of the week? The person sitting following to you will affect how much you just like the movie, even on the off chance that they’re a complete stranger. Individuals donate motion pictures higher evaluations in the event that they’re in sync with the people they sit […]

The Great Weight Debate

Feb. 5, 2003 — Too numerous fat people are wandering this nation, but who — or what — is to blame? Is it the qualities we acquired or that one additional cookie a day? Two analysts square off in this week’s Science, tending to why more than 60% of Americans are overweight. Fat People Can’t […]

FDA OKs New Glucose Monitoring System

June 5, 2007 — The FDA has approved a gadget that measures blood sugar (glucose) levels continuously for up to seven days in people with diabetes. The device is called the STS-7 Persistent Glucose Checking Framework (STS-7 Framework). Whereas a standard fingerstick test records a person’s glucose level as a preview in time, the STS-7 […]

Youth Sports Are Risky

Sept. 11, 2002 — Playing in a community football or baseball league may be a custom of passage for many children, but a unused study appears that youthful competitors face serious harm dangers. And analysts say youth sports leagues ought to be superior arranged to deal with these perils. According to researchers, 20-30 million kids […]