Brand-Name Drug Prices Rising, Says AARP

April 12, 2005 — An AARP report shows 195 brand-name prescription drugs broadly used by more seasoned people rose in cost by 7.1%, on normal, in 2004. That’s based on medicate makers’ discount list cost, which may not reflect what any particular individual paid for the drugs. And a drug industry spokesperson says the numbers […]

Trans Fats Up Heart Disease Risk

Nov. 15, 2006 (Chicago) — Trans fats have jumped out of the deep fryer into a open grilling once once more, with new inquire about recommending even little amounts canharm the heart. An examination of information from the large Nurses’ Wellbeing Ponder appears that women who ate the foremost trans fats were more than three […]

Imaging Study Confirms Brain Differences in People With ADHD

By Robert Preidt HealthDay Correspondent WEDNESDAY, Feb. 15, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Researchers who pinpointed brain differences in individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) say their discoveries appear the condition should be considered a brain clutter. The universal think about — the biggest of its kind — included more than 1,700 individuals with ADHD and more […]

Blood Test Could Help Prevent Heart Deaths

Jan. 5, 2004 — Two landmark studies offer the most excellent evidence yet that inflammation plays a key part in heart infection and seem immediately change the way doctors monitor and treat patients at risk for heart attacks and strokes. On the off chance that the changes are adopted, analysts say that thousands of deaths […]

New Debate Over Vytorin and Cancer

Sept. 2, 2008 — Later data recommending the cholesterol-lowering sedate Vytorin ups cancer chance can’t yet be rejected, the editor of The Modern England Journal of Pharmaceutical says. The worrisome cancer data come from a clinical trial called Oceans, reported nowadays at a major European cardiology conference and simultaneously published online by The Unused England […]

Lifestyle May Affect Mammogram Accuracy

Aug. 26, 2004 — The controversial news surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) continues to mount. Presently, a new consider from Australia appears that women who take HRT may not get the most precise readings on their mammograms. The findings are distributed in this week’s British Medical Diary. More than 120,000 ladies aged 50 to 64 […]

1 in 6 Seniors Combines Meds, Supplements

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Columnist MONDAY, Walk 21, 2016 (HealthDay News) — More seniors than ever are taking supplements alongside their medications, a hone that puts them at chance for dangerous drug interactions, researchers report. More than 15 percent of older Americans took possibly life-threatening combinations of medicine medicines, over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements in […]